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This clever pet feeder uses your pet's microchip to control access to the food. It's ideal for multi pet households or for pets that are on a special diet or need medication.

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Feeder (+ Grey Bowls, Mat & RFID Tag)
RRP*  £99.99
Our Price  £69.99
Replacement Bowls & Mat - Green
Was  £13.99
Now  £11.99
2 RFID Collar Tags
RRP*  £9.99
Our Price  £6.79
( £3.40 / unit)

Airtight pet feeder with built-in motion sensor. Suitable for cats and small dogs. Keeps wet food moist and away from insects. Prevents nasty smells.

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RRP*  £49.99
Our Price  £37.99
Replacement Bowls & Mat - Green
Was  £13.99
Now  £11.99

Practical Trixie food dispenser with an automatic timer for two separately adjustable bowls - intended for small dogs and cats.

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2 x 300ml
Was  £16.99
Now  £14.99

Automatic pet feeder with a solid lid and button cover to avoid your pet accidentally changing the settings. Feeding times can be set up to 3 times per day, for 6 x 240ml portions.

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6 x 240ml
RRP*  £54.99
Our Price  £39.99

Programmable food dispenser for dogs and cats, with extra large container for up to 2.25kg of dry food. Easy to clean. Colour: grey.

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for up to 2.25kg
Was  £49.99
Now  £44.99

Automatic Trixie feeder TX4 Plus with programmable timer for up to 4 meals of 500ml, with extra drawer for water, LCD display and voice recording feature

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4 x 500ml

This automatic food dispenser for cats or small dogs features three 330g serving segments, for wet or dry food and with a digital timer to allow sections to open at the perfect time.

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3 x 330g capacity

This automatic food dispenser is ideal for cats and small dogs and can be filled with wet or dry food in five 330g portions. The Digital Timer means you can find a solution that suits you & your pet!

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5 x 330g
Was  £49.99
Now  £39.99


With this versatile feeder, your cat uses its paws to reach the dry food hidden in the paw hole, encouraging slower eating and better digestion. Ergonomic design works with wet or dry food.

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Multi Feeder
Was  £11.99
Now  £7.99

Hide some treats in this snack ball and see what happens. Your cat has to roll the ball to make the treats fall out. There are 2 different levels. Suitable for kittens. Diameter approx. 5.5 cm

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1 Snack Ball
RRP*  £2.99
Our Price  £0.99

A great toy from PetSafe to keep boredom at bay and as part of a slimming programme for your cat. Suitable for all types of popular dry food. Diameter approx. 7.5cm.

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1 Ball
RRP*  £6.99
Our Price  £3.99

Transparent container for easy level checking from Trixie. Colour may differ from illustration

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0.6 litre
Was  £1.99
Now  £1.79

This practical cat & dog snackball will entertain your pet for hours fighting obesity and keeping fit.

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Diameter 10cm x L 25cm
RRP*  £29.90
Our Price  £19.99

A feeding station and an interactive toy in one. Encourage your cat to think and to be agile with this great feeding station. With three variable levels of difficulty.

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Diameter 24cm x H 33cm
Was  £13.49
Now  £10.99

Practical dry food dispenser for dogs or cats. Made of easy-to-clean plastic, with anti-slip rubber band, transparent container for checking the food level, available in two sizes

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1.5 litre
Was  £4.99
Now  £3.99
3 litre
Was  £9.99
Now  £7.99

An innovative bowl to encourage slower eating. The rounded spikes turn dinner into a challenging playtime, to make meals last longer and promote healthy digestion. For dry and wet food. Colour: Purple

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1 Bowl
Was  £14.99
Now  £11.99

2in1 is both a food & water dispenser that provides your pet with regular food portions and a constant supply of water. Size: 37 x 32 x 36 cm (L x W x H)

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5 litre
RRP*  £14.90
Our Price  £11.99

Cat Food Dispensers

Are you going on holiday and need to feed the cat for a day? Or maybe you just wish your kitty was more of a fitty?

Why not try some of our cat feeding station solutions? Whether you're in the market for an automatic pet feeder or cat food timer so that kitty always gets fed on time, or if you're just looking for a way to stop your cat guzzling all of its food at once: you're in the right place. Our selection of automatic cat feeders can be used for wet food or dry.

Automatic Cat Feeders vs. Cat Food Dispensers

Automatic Cat Feeder: These programmable cat feeders are perfect for cat owners who are always on the move. With an automatic pet feeder with a cat food timer, you can guarantee that Sir or Lady Whiskers will get fed at the same time every day, even if you're running late! They have a variety of settings and can store up to 4 fresh meals- perfect for preparing your cat feeding station ahead of a weekend away without the cat. With amazing technology such as a microchip activated feeders, you can rest easy, knowing that your kitty's dinner won't be pinched by another greedy cat! An automatic cat feeder can be filled with wet food or kibble, so it is ideal no matter your cat’s diet.

Cat Food Dispensers: Maybe your puss is the greedy kitty pinching all the other cats' food! Or maybe he just guzzles his food down a bit too quickly. These nifty toys add a bit of a challenge to feeding time, so that your cat has to work for its dinner, and have fun whilst doing it! Your kitty will be a fitty in no time.

Still not sure which cat feeder is right for you?

See our top picks for the very best cat food dispensers and automatic pet feeders on offer here at zooplus:
  • SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder: Is your cat on a special diet? This microchip activated cat feeder stops other cats pinching your cat's food. Great for multi-cat households.
  • Trixie Automatic Feeder: If you work long hours, this automatic pet feeder is perfect for your cat. With room for up to 4 mealtimes and an ice drawer to keep fresh food fresher for longer, this is the perfect cat feeding station for the busy pet owner. This automatic cat feeder is great for wet food and kibble.
  • Catit Design Senses Food Maze: Your cat will have hours of fun navigating its food through this maze with 3 levels of difficulty. Top tip: you may want to place something on top of the toy: otherwise clever kitties may cheat and nab the goodies from the top!
  • SlimCat Treat Ball: Keep your cat active with this fun treat ball! Your cat will happily chase this ball for hours as it gradually dispenses treats. Perfect for cats who eat too quickly and could do with a bit of fitness!

We also have wide range of cat bowls and drinking fountains, so you and your cat are positively spoilt for choice!

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