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Help prevent unwanted scratching with this pheromone imitation, designed to help guide cats to more scratch-friendly areas such as trees or sisal posts, saving your furniture & helping reduce stress.

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9 x 5ml
Was  £19.99
Now  £14.99
( £0.33 / ml)

Felisept: Natural calming remedies

Diffuser that gives off a natural scent to help relax cats in stressful situations, such as territorial conflict or an unfamiliar setting. Clinically proven effect, with soothing catnip extracts.

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Diffuser & 30ml Vial
Was  £16.99
Now  £15.99
( £0.53 / ml)
30ml Refill Vial (Vial Only)
Was  £13.99
Now  £11.99
( £0.40 / ml)
Economy Pack: 2 x 30ml Refill Vials (Vial Only)
individually priced £23.98
Now £22.99
( £0.38 / ml)

Refill for use with the Felisept Home Comfort diffuser, which gives off a natural scent to help relax cats in stressful situations. Contains soothing catnip extracts with a clinically proven effect.

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Was  £13.99
Now  £11.99
( £0.40 / ml)
Economy Pack: 2 x 30ml
individually priced £23.98
Now £22.99
( £0.38 / ml)

Clinically proven anti-stress spray for cats, made exclusively from natural ingredients. Soothing catnip extracts give off a natural scent to help relax cats in stressful situations.

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( £0.12 / ml)
Saver Pack: 2 x 100ml
individually priced £23.98
Now £21.99
( £0.11 / ml)

Anti-stress cat collar that continuously gives off the natural scent of soothing catnip extracts. Recommended by vets and clinically proven to relax cats in stressful situations. 30-day effectiveness.

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1 Collar
Was  £14.99
Now  £12.99
( £12.99 / unit)
Economy Pack: 2 Collars
individually priced £25.98
Now £24.99
( £12.50 / piece)


Feliway®: to help your cat feel calm and secure

Is your cat suffering from stress, or getting used to a new environment? Feliway for cats can help to make your pet feel safe and relaxed.

Feliway® and Felifriend® are synthetic copies of the feline facial pheromone, used by cats when brushing up against furniture to mark their territory as safe and secure. The absence of these familiar scents is believed to lead to an increase in anxiety and stress. The Feliway diffuser is ideal for multi-cat households, when moving home, introducing new pets or for firework nights. The Feliway and Felifriend sprays further support the diffuser, by directly adding comforting pheromones to your cat's environment.

Feliway products: list icon

  • Feliway Diffuser: a plug in diffuser to help keep your home a calm and welcoming place to your cat
  • Feliway Spray: ideal as an addition to the diffuser. Spray the scent directly onto surfaces in your cat's environment to make it feel safe and secure
  • Feliway Refill: an economical refill for the feliway diffuser

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