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Complete Dog Agility Course

Four dog agility exercise units now in a cheaper saver pack! This saver pack set contains all 4 agility items. ...Continuation of Product Description

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amazing !!!!: "I have an energetic Labrador who loves this set, it is great fun and I would recommend it to anyone ! Comes with very useful storage bags, collapses s.." ......further information

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4 Agility Equipments
individually priced £121.96
Now £109.99
Are you an agility fan? Design your own course with the Agility Hurdle, the Agility Slalom Poles, the Jumping Hoop and the Agility Tunnel.

Agility training has become an increasingly popular type of dog exercise in recent years. Not only is it fun for your dog but is also mentally and physically challenging. This type of training has also been known to strengthen trust between dog and owner.

What you'll find in your Complete Agility Set:

  • Agility Hurdle: Up to approx. 1 m hurdle for jump exercises, with adjustable height settings. 1.1 m wide.
  • Agility Slalom Poles 12-piece Set: The probably most challenging fitness exercise - your dog has to weave through all 12 poles

  • Agility Jumping Hoop (diameter 55cm): A ring perfectly designed for jump exercises, with adjustable height settings

  • Agility Tunnel (diameter 60cm, length 5m): Made of nylon, it is sturdy and easy to assemble

Please note:
  • Your dog's muscles should be warmed up before training. Light running or fetching exercises are ideal.
  • Never feed your dog before training. Dog snacks for rewards are of course allowed.
  • Adapt the training to age, breed and size of your dog.
  • Always make fresh water available and allow yourselves breaks.
  • Always conduct and end exercises in a positive way so that your dog does not loose interest in the shared activity.
  • To prevent damnage to growth and health, puppies and young dogs should only train if this has been expressly approved by a vet.
More information about individual agility units may be found by following the following links. Please note that this offer is only available under article number 131130.

This product cannot be delivered to Northern Ireland.

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