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Powerful internal aquarium filter from Eheim. Powerful even in large aquariums.

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2252, up to 400 litres

Eheim Aquaball internal filter - the flexible, modular internal filter system with fully pivoting pump head, "easy click" locking system, includes filter media.

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60 (2208), up to 60 litres
RRP*  £37.00
Our Price  £32.99
130 (2210), up to 130 litres
RRP*  £42.00
Our Price  £36.99
180 (2212), up to 180 litres
RRP*  £46.00
Our Price  £39.99

The high performance internal filter with high quality ceramics, includes filter media for excellent filter performance

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160, up to 160 litres
RRP*  £46.00
Our Price  £39.99


Internal aquarium filter for crystal-clear, clean water, suitable for small aquariums (40-60l), easy to change and install, with a chemical, biological and mechanical filtration system.

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300, 40 - 60 litres
Was  £29.99
Now  £24.99
( £24.99 / kg)

Filter cartridge suitable for the EasyCrystal Filter 250 and the EasyCrystal FilterBox 300 now with an anti-algae agent designed to clear water and combat algae.

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3-Pack FilterPack (for 10 - 30 litres)
Was  £8.99
Now  £7.99
3-Pack FilterPack (for 30 - 60 litres)
Was  £8.99
Now  £7.99


High performance, compact interior corner filter for mini aquariums. Simple operation and cleaning with filter materials and cleaning set.

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for 10-40 l
Was  £16.99
Now  £13.99

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